Service / Updates


The work in our pdf-sheet-music-collection is to be contiued. Our Edition is to be expanded, the MP3 are to be completed, the quality of MP3 are to be improved, it will be created new editions.

By an order we do the following: We burn a CD/DVD depending on your order. The CD/DVD contain the ordered pdf-sheet music like pdf-files (and MP3, if ordered). It may be the CD/DVD contain more then ordered files. The reason is that you get everytime the current collection.
It is no neccessary a installation - you can use the files directly from CD/DVD. You need only Acrobat-Reader (up V 4.0) (and an MP3-player - WINAMP) what you can download free (see links).

How to order

With the Online-Shop can be ordered Sheet music or MP3 Music. An order will be sent to us as an e-mail. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with your order data and our bank details (only Prepayment is possible). Only after your approval, an order is final. Then we put together the necessary data on CD or DVD and deliver immediately after payment.


Updates we make only on requests. You can inform yourself about the current standing in our page (
When you order an upgrade, then you get one of your original order corresponding current compilation.
Costs are : overall 10% (order price) + CD/DVD-costs + shipment(prepayment). 

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