Detail informations

Sheet music

The column [Composer] contains the most little available units of pdf-sheet music books. The column [Price 1 with MP3] contains the affiliated price of pdf-sheet music book that have MP3-Links to play the piano pieces out of the documents. If this column contain a "V" then it dosn't exist any MP3 for these pdf-sheet music book even. The column [Price 2 without MP3] contains the affiliated price of pdf-sheet music books without MP3-Links. The column [Kind] contains the information about the completeness of all piano works a composer respectively selected or collection works: The under [Composer] classified sheet music books you can see at detail. Click the Link with the mouse and you can see the list of all sheet music books which are contains with pagenumber and single price. Each listed sheet music book is also a Link. Click with the mouse and you'll see a list with all piano pices contains in that sheet music book. Also to all pieces there are the number of pages or the information whether exist a MP3.

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