Price calculation

The prices are always in currency €.

1. pdf-Sheet music

The prices will be calculate as follows

Price = ( Nbr * Pr ) + CD/DVD + shipment

Nbr = Number of pages of the sheet-music-pdf-document (musicbook)
Pr = Price for one page
CD/DVD = Price for CD/DVD (cost of the blank + burning)
shipment = shipment costs
Additional pdf documents such as biography and works directories are not calculated.

The total prices may be different by kind of order because the prices for basic-choice (1-2) and choice of memory (I-II) are different.
The basic-choice is as follows:
  1. pdf-sheet music with MP3-links to play on the piano pices (Pr=3.5 Cent)
  2. pdf-sheet music without MP3-links (pure piano-notes) (Pr=3 Cent)
The choice of memory is as follows:
  1. CD with 700 MB (2.00 €)
  2. DVD with 4.7 GB (4.00 €)
You can buy only piano-pices for a composer complete because the prices of single pdf-documents are to small (look at the prices in choice of piano notes). In exception-causes you can buy single pdf-documents but note: the price of single document is ca. equal the sum of CD + Post-costs!

The payment is always Pre-Payment.

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