For the 90's we work on the Editions of piano sheet music for classical period in digital form, also on the compilation and systematization of the complete works of classical musicians in MP3 format.
Our big goals : all Piano Works of Composers, good represented in visual and acoustically form.
Our perfect solution : pdf-sheet music books with MP3-links.

Digital storage in pdf format offers significant advantages.
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Advantage compared against with conventional sheet music books
Advantage ...

The pdf-files have always the same structure:
1. Cover page:
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2. Table of contents with the initial sequences and MP3-Links (Spreaker) fot all contained pieces :
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3. Sheet music with MP3-Links (Spreaker) :
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4. Comments / Sources
Additional in big Editions is a "Index over all". It is the central navigation - each volume fo the Edition can open from here.
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Now we are in Phase III, that means that we set the Sheet music of ourselfe and put together our notes in the own Edition. All notes you can buy very cheap. Our intention is not the commercial but cultural aspect. Thus the possibility is offered to each piano-playing lover of classical music of acquiring economically an extensive sheet music collection that contained many more than conventional sheet music books. Take time of yourself and have a look at the "Catalog" to see all details and prices.
At our new edition the possibility is singular of being able to play directly from the screen PC/LAPTOP beside music-plays at the PC. For this reason we have setted the notes specially for screen-display. After our searches no other sheet musiv offerer considered this aspect, not even the offerers of pdf sheet music. Thes examples will show the difference:
general customary picture
our special picture suitable for screen-display
The quality of screen-display is depending on the size and solution of the screen. The larger the screen and the higher the solution the better the picture. (optimal up 21" screen with solution 1280x1024 and higher)

It gives 2 basic-variants: Our pdf-collection is partitioned in groups:
  1. Complete piano-works of Composers
  2. Selected pieces of composers
  3. Collections with piano-pieces of classical composers
  4. Pedagogical collections of piano-pieces
  5. 4-hands piano-pieces
  6. Beat, Ragtimes & others
  7. Piano-Editions of operas
It gives sheet music for each difficulty - for autodidacts, beginners, progressings and professionals.
Person interested can send a Email to us with all your wishes. To order please use the link "Online-Shop" - it's easier for you. Then we burn the CD / DVD with your choices and send it to you with cash on delivery. We have decided us for these shipment to guarantee a solid payment-type for our costumers (all risc is in our side). For download the files directly the volume of all files are to large - virus-danger !

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