Assistance - description of our editions
Structure of our Internet presence:
The left part (Frame) is the navigation component, which remains indicated with all actions. In the right part (Frame) takes place in each case the display of the page, which is selected with navigation.
All included images are been deposited with specific links - just try it!
Our pianos editions consists of electronically stored music books in pdf format to the extent from up to 300 sides. The music books to an edition (composer or other category) stands in each case as pdf file in a PC folder with the sub-folder audio for all in the music books linked MP3. For most of the composers are all works for pianos (or organ) with all MP3 to play the pieces contained.
All options from the navigation component (with mouse click):
0. Language select: Both - our Internet appearance and our editions - it gives into German and English. With mouse click on the appropriate flag to Sprache ändern or change language can be changed in the display between the languages. After change of the language always appears the respective starting page. The entire website is then in the language you select here - up to Online shop.
Important! The orders are then executed in the respective language variant! (Currently in english)
Ordering process:
1. An order is placed in the online shop: An eMail of this order will be sent to us.
2. You will receive an email for confirmation with our bank account and an invoice in the appendix. (No automatic eMail)
3. A contract shall be concluded only upon payment of the invoice. Please let us know in advance by eMail whether you are making the payment.
4. Once your payment is posted to our account, we will burn the CD / DVD and ship on the same day.
5. For pdf notes, we will send you Internet links for all pdf files for your own download. MP3 are not hosted.

1. Home : The first page will be diplayed

2. Sheet music :
With mouse click the selection items are displayed in the navigation part. The right part divides in the far process into 2 parts (Frames).
2.1. Preface : Further description of the editions.
2.2. Catalog : It is the central selection for the announcement of all contained editions. All information to all contained composers / editions can be indicated in the last detail. In the middle Frame (part) will be displayed the edition-list. In the 3rd part first a detailed information appears to the edition selection. If in the middle part (2.Frame) an edition one selects with mouse-click appears in the right part (3.Frame) the display of all music books with pages and prices, contained in the edition. To the displayed music books of the edition all further details know called each note book are separately selectable with mouse-click. The details to the music books (contained pieces with number of pages) appears in the middle part (2.Frame). In the right part (the 3rd frame) by clicking the book icon can be called a pdf of the entire contents. The pdf file is displayed in the middle part (2.Frame). Above the first music book of an edition in each case is a text with further special information for selected edition. In all displays (editions, music books of the editions, contained pieces) scrolling is possible upward or down.
2.3.Downloads : Some sheet music are examples and you can download for free.

3. Service :
Display of service information

4. Calculation :
The calculation of the prices is represented.

5. Help :
Display the straight open Windows.

6. Online-Shop :
Call of Online-Shop, with which all editions can be ordered by email. In addition you must indicate only the personal data, those are absolutely necessary for a order (name, address, E-Mail-address). A customer No. assignment does not take place, since personal data are not stored with us and are deleted after shipment. The shipment takes place with pre-payment after receipt of payment. We arrange the ordered editions on CD/DVD individually and send away by post office.

7. Contact :
Display of a Window to sent a message to us.

8. play MP3 :
All Classical MP3 contained in the website are listed in many differend choices and can be played by clicking. There is available a special help for this selection.